Everyone has to start somewhere. And a good place to start is a personal consultation to see if Team 24 Fitness is a goof fit for you.

T24F is a high-performance Private Training Facility designed for everyone from novices to athletes and anyone that is looking to make a long-term commitment to health and fitness.

We provide an environment in which we work towards specific goals both inside and outside the training studio. Each client is provided a unique program with hands-on coaching to effectively see results.

With a strong reputation for our no-nonsense, highly motivating training environment our clients see success at all levels.




Is this an open gym?

No. Our philosophy is to provide specialized, instructed training, where you never have to worry about what to do, or be worried about not pushing yourself enough.

What are the benefits of a personal trainer?

For those who want customized programs to their individualized fitness goals, this is a high level of service and you will be amazed at the results. Our trainers will have a clear and distinct vision on your needs and will develop the most effective diet and useful workouts for your body. This coupled with your dedication and mindful balance of energy will turn out optimal results.

I have loved my time here. For the first time in years I feel proud of what my body can do. Freedom pushes me to my personal limit. She doesn't hold me to other people's standards or limits, but man does she push mine! I highly recommend this gym.

- Ruth J., Facebook -

I love Team 24, definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made in life, was to join them. I love the trainers and they help me accomplish so many things I never thought I could. I am forever grateful for them!

- Haley B., Google -

Amazing knowledgeable staff that custom tailors your nutrition/ workout and stretching regiment for maximum results. If you want to change your physique/ loose weight/ or just to improve your overall health— I highly recommend this program. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with this program. 100% satisfied!!

- Keith K., Facebook -

I was never into the "fitness" scene, but after joining a group class at Team 24 Fitness in August 2016, I realized the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Now, almost 4 years later, I genuinely believe joining Team 24 Fitness was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

- Dawn S., Google -

I started training with Brandon at Team 24 Fitness over five years ago and my experience has been nothing less than excellent,...I’ve lived in Granbury my entire life and I can’t think of another trainer here that will want and give as much of themselves to help another person be healthy and strong.

- Sharon H., Google -



If you’re curious to try out Team 24 Fitness and see if our training programs are a good fit for you, we invite you to check us out for yourself. Come try a group fitness or schedule a personal training consultation to see what it’s like!